10 Fun Activities for Pregnant Women

fun activities for pregnant women

Life can become dull and boring during pregnancy. There are some places that you simply can’t visit anymore and morning sickness may keep you indoors a lot. And lets face it, when your feet are swollen, your back is aching & your belly is bigger than it’s ever been, sometimes you don’t feel like going anywhere point blank period. But what about when you do want to get out of the house. Your choices of things to do can be limited. Here are some ideas of things to keep you busy while pregnant.


5 Ways Moms Can Earn Extra Money…From Their Phone

earn extra money

You might remember my post from a few months ago that talked about ways to make money online…or you might not. Anyhoot, thanks to my carelessness that post was accidentally deleted..Oops. Therefore, I’m going to once again share my list of ways to make a little extra mommy money online.


You see, the Summertime blues sent me on a quest to rake in a little extra cash. My kids were out of school, I was out of a job and I just wanted to find a way to treat them to a few small things instead of being stuck in the house all summer. My quest led me to put these sites to the test:


  1. Swag Bucks
  2. Bing Rewards
  3. InstaGC
  4. PerksTV
  5. Inbox Dollars


Swag Bucks: Honestly guys, this one is my favorite. I barely used it…and I do mean barely, and I was able to earn $10. And no that was not a sign up bonus or anything like that. There are so many ways to  with this site which makes it extremely easy to stack up a few dollars… AND they don’t require you to accumulate an insane amount of points in order to get a return like some other sites I’ve found. Not to mention there’s a SwagBucksTV app that allows you to automatically play videos on your smartphone while earning points.


Bing Rewards: Did you know that it’s possible to earn while searching for stuff on the internet? Everyone is so quick to use Google, but guess what, Bing pays you to use their search engine! You can also gain extra points for answering simple trivia questions and other quick tasks. I must admit that I’m a Google lover, but Bing now has me hooked.


InstaGC: This one is also fairly easy to use. You watch videos, complete surveys, visit sites and complete other small tasks to earn points. Even though the tasks are easy, in my opinion it takes too much effort and time to earn a worthy amount of points. I use it every now and then, but don’t expect to get rich quick using it.


PerksTV: Oh PerksTV how I desperately want to love you. Honestly guys, this one is THE EASIEST one to use. If you have an old smartphone, charge it up and let the PerksTV videos play all day long. You earn points for every video watched and they automatically play one after the other. It’s a no brainer right? You can literally make money in your sleep. The only downside is that the payout isn’t very high. However, it’s so simple to use that I don’t mind the low return.


Inbox Dollars: I’ve tried this one a few times, but that’s it. I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but it just rubs me the wrong way and I tend not to visit this site…I don’t know why…I guess I’m just weird like that. Don’t let me deter you from using it. Give it a try…You might like it.


Well there you have it folks! Those are the 5 sites that I tested out to make a few quick coins. Some were great…others not so much. My online cash quest doesn’t stop with those sites. There’s a few others that I plan to check out…I’ll let you know how that goes. Have any of you tried these sites or any others?

Go Ask Daddy! Mommy Needs A Break

ask daddy

Can someone please explain the invisible dad phenomenon?!? You know what I’m talking about right? Whenever your kids want something, they immediately come to you. No matter what you’re doing or how busy you are their requests are always thrown at mommy, even when daddy is sitting right next to them. Using the bathroom? Cooking dinner? Taking the best nap ever? They don’t care! WHYYYYYYY does this happen?


Every night, after giving my son a bath, I set out his pajamas and leave him in his room to get dressed. Then, I make my way to the bathroom to scrub a dub dub in the shower.


Every night, it’s the same routine.


And every night my son interrupts my shower time by demanding that I help put his shirt on. He completely dismisses my husband who’s literally right across the hall from him. Just laying in the bed, watching tv, doing absolutely nothing important at all. He passes up daddy just to walk an extra mile for mommy. WHYYYYY????? Is daddy invisible? That has to be it!


Every night I respond the same way, “Go ask daddy!” (That’s me shouting from the shower btw).


And every night he says the same thing, “But daddy’s busy!”
Really????????? Apparently, in the mind of my 3 year old, relaxing and watching TV is way more important than taking a shower. Perhaps he just likes playing this game with me. But what about all of the other situations? And what about my daughter, is she playing mind games with me too? Surely they can see daddy. There’s no way he’s invisible. Or is he? Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?

Simple Ways to Praise Children

simple ways to praise children

As a child, I wasn’t praised much (if at all) whenever I did something noteworthy. Don’t cue the violins, this is NOT a sob story. Now as a mother of 3, I make sure to praise my kids whenever they deserve it… and I throw in a few compliments too. Sometimes I find myself saying “Good job!” even for the most UNspectacular (is that a word) things ever.


Son: “Mommy I made pee pee!”


Me: “Oh, Good job son! I’m so proud of you!”


Oh wait…he’s been potty trained for a year now…what the heck am I so excited about??? Being one of those moms that regurgitate accolades is not my thing, but complimenting my kids comes so naturally, that the unnecessaries just burst from my mouth. That’s how it should be. Complementing your child should be as natural as taking a dump. It’s just something you do. As a child, I wondered why my mom didn’t sing my praises. Growing older I began to realize that it wasn’t because she didn’t think I was worthy, but because she simply didn’t know how.

13 Things A Baby Needs

things a baby needs

Baby Swing….CHECK


Pack N Play….CHECK


Bottle Warmer….CHECK


Every single cute baby outfit you can find….CHECK CHECK CHECK!


No, no, no! Don’t do it. Before you start making a bunch of impulse baby purchases, stop and think about what you’re doing. Let’s face it, companies are always pushing things on us that we don’t need. Especially baby items. They convince us that our new baby absolutely positively can’t survive without the latest product they’re pushing. Or they try to appeal to how the product can make our parenting lives easier. Many fall for their pitch every single time. Especially first time moms. I’m begging you to stop and think, “Does my baby really need this?”

Take a nap with the baby? Yeah Right!

nap with baby

We all know how others love to offer their 2 cents. One common piece of advice given to new moms is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Ha! Whoever came up with that must have been joking. This was only a tiny bit possible with my first child since she was the only person I had to take care of at the time (besides myself of course). My husband was deployed in Iraq so cooking and cleaning was very minimal. At that time there were more than enough opportunities to rest.


6 years later, 3 kids, a house that constantly needs cleaning, job, and school….rest just doesn’t fit into that situation. Clearly napping with the baby wasn’t meant for moms with more than one child or a whole lot of things to do. When she sleeps is my only opportunity to get sh!+ done.

Saving Money On Groceries Without Coupons…Yes, it’s possible!

saving on groceries

Coupons are great! No really, they’re the bomb! They’ve helped shave many dollars off my grocery bills in the past. With our budget being a little tighter these days, I’ve been looking for ways to cut back the cost of food. Of course my first thought was to call my coupon buddy and get to clipping. However….ain’t nobody got time for that!


Couponing takes skill, energy, effort, patience, and a whole lot of time. All of which I’m running low on. Even though my time is shorter…my money still isn’t longer. This means finding ways to save is most important. Hey, the kids gotta eat!


10 Not So Talked About Side Effects of Pregnancy

side effects of pregnancy
During your first pregnancy, you will hear so many horror stories about what to expect. Pregnancy, giving birth, and life as a new mom terrified me the first time around because of all the tales I’d heard. Some of it was true, but for the most part… my experience was nothing like they said it would be. Warning me about all of the weird side effects that I would never see coming would have been more helpful. Unlike the people in my life, I’m going to be a good friend and give you the heads up. Get ready to clutch your pearls because some of this stuff is plain ole gross.

No, I Can Not & Will Not Support Your School!

will not support school

Every year…several times a year….at the same time every year, my children’s schools ask for some sort of donation.


Send mini pumpkins…the kids will decorate them!


Please send $5 gift cards for our fundraiser tree. Pay up or else!


Make a kind donation to our annual fundraiser. $10, $20, heck maybe even $100. We greatly appreciate any donation you make.


Attend our annual gala. Tickets are ONLY $200 a pop!


Oh and don’t forget your snack day! It is absolutely your responsibility to provide a 100% organic snack for 24 hungry kids. Yes all 24 of them! No cookies, no chips, no cupcakes, nothing cheap and tasty! Only the expensive fancy snacks are acceptable.


The real kicker came from my son’s school where teachers are not allowed to ask parents for supplies of any kind. YET, they still find it in their spirit to sneakily push supply lists onto parents.


7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Share Photos of Your Kids On Social Media

share kids on social media


In the society that we live in, it’s kind of a faux pas if you aren’t active on social media. Heck even my great grandma has a facebook page…yes I said great grandma. And she’s always on it…. AND actually knows what the heck she’s doing. Myself on the other hand…I’m actually anti-social media. Yea I know, what a weirdo. Go ahead and feed me to the wolves. Quite frankly, privacy is just something that I cherish…on and off the internet. Especially when it comes to my children. Overbearing isn’t what I’d call it, but I can definitely admit to being super extra over protective of my little ones (it’s borderline ridiculous). Because of this, I tend to shy away from sharing photos of them on the internet.


There are a few pictures of them lingering, but they’re either baby photos or really far away pics that barely show their faces. Admittedly, I’ve come thisclose to blasting their pretty little faces for the world to see, but then my worst fears would sink in. Then suddenly I remember why it might just be a bad idea.


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